Video Consultation Series

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How to find the good homes

How to evaluate real estate photography

How to get the seller to work with your offer first

Recorded webinar on how to sell a house for at least 10% over CMA value. 

How to appraise a house for it's value

Oh man! I look young in that video!!! It must be the California sun! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my video consultation series!

The video consultation series is my effort to be completely transparent on what you need for your best results in buying or selling residential real estate. I have put this information together along with case studies and tangible proof on how real estate is best practiced for consistent results. This information is a definite edge and will be a "game changer" not only for your experience but also for your end result.

Some of the content is on video (hence the name) but creating videos is a process so some of the information is still in seminar and presentation format.

I also have a new workbook called the "HEAD START Home buying Work Book". It is getting RAVE reviews by people using it as they get organized to buy a home. My book "How to get Buyers to Fall in Love with Your Home" covers what needs to be done in general to get the most for your home. This book is extremely simple and straight forward. My first book "How to Buy and Sell Real Estate" is a general overview and also covers some special circumstances like selling a home through a short sale. I prefer to give the Home Buying workbook to you as a hard copy as it is an interactive book. There is no cost to you for any of these resources.

What I cannot express in these resources is how sincere I am for your best outcome. Please feel free to call me to go over questions you have about real estate. I look forward to meeting you!

David Thomas​

How to generate showings

I also offer the following seminars from time to time. Usually on Saturday mornings in my office which is in Claremont Village pretty much right above Yogurtland by the fountain.


  • How to sell a home for more than 11% of appraised value and still get it to appraise. Recent case studies on my proven results in setting the highest price for the neighborhood.
  • How to generate showings. This video is also on the home page.
  • Understanding real estate descriptions.
  • How to manage a listing. How showings should be set up and managed. Also how the management of a listing can increase your net or cost you a sale.
  • ​How to get the best opportunity when buying a home.
  • ​How to evaluate real estate photography.
  • How to appraise a house.
  • ​How to secure a home in spite of multiple offers without overpaying for the home.
  • Why is my toilet on the Internet? Case studies on how NOT to list a home for sale!
  • Understanding everything involved in the home selling / escrow process from searching online to receiving your keys to your new home.